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Lead Genesis has been a market leader and innovator in the residential solar space since 2011. We work with large providers, independent contractors, and everything in between. We leverage our team’s combined decades of experience in marketing to generate TCPA compliant residential solar leads from a variety of sources. These sources include search, social, display, email, and offline channels. Our proprietary platform enables us to run a series of validation services and quality assurance processes to insure our leads meet conversion expectations for our clients.

Our leads are:

  • Available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Sold either exclusively or to no more than 2 installers
  • Run through industry leading validation services for quality control
  • Delivered via post, email, or text
  • TCPA compliant
  • Returnable if unqualified

There are no set up fees or penalties for cancelations.

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Residential Solar Lead

The “Semi-Exclusive” Model

Lead Genesis has delivered over 3 million solar leads since 2011 and has aggregated a significant amount of performance data to better understand what works for both the consumer and the installer. The metrics show us that the best experience for the consumer and the best ROI for the installer is achieved with a semi-exclusive lead.

These leads are delivered to 2 installers only and provide the following benefits:

  • By limiting the number of engagements, the consumer is not “burned out” by the number of calls and options.
  • The consumer will have a higher confidence in the decision to purchase or lease a solar system if they get multiple quotes and feel as if they are getting a deal.
  • The consumer is less likely to shop around outside the options we give them. Data shows that “exclusive” leads are rarely exclusive because consumers tend to look for another quote anyway.
  • Sharing the cost with another installer produces better economics for everyone. The lead generator gets better pricing to source better leads, the installer gets leads at a lower price, and the consumer gets a better deal.
  • Data shows us consistently and clearly that this model produces the lowest cost per engagement and the lower cost per sale for our clients.

Pricing & Returns

Lead Genesis pricing is largely based on demand. Supply is generally limited and leads are distributed to the highest bidders first. There are no set up fees, cancelations fees, or hidden fees. Credits terms are available upon request for established partners meeting certain budget requirements.

We offer a lenient return policy to protect your investment and insure you against fraud. Returns are processed weekly and used to optimize the account.

We accept returns on the following dispositions:

  • Never Asked for Quote
  • Already has Solar
  • Low Power Bill
  • Out of coverage
  • Wrong Utility
  • Not Homeowner
  • Roof Shade
  • Bad Phone Number
  • Bad Address
  • Wrong Person
  • Hostile Customer

Solar Leads Flow Chart


Exclusive sales leads are matched with one installer only and range in price from $25 to $120 depending on the market.


Semi-Exclusive leads are matched with 2 installers. This gives the consumer multiple quotes so they don’t shop outside the process as well as better economics for the installer by sharing the cost with a competitor. These leads range in price from $15 to $70 depending on the market


Non-Exclusive leads are matched up with up to 4 installers and range in price form $10 - $50 depending on the market.

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We offer flexible payment terms, money back guarantees, and industry leading service. Lead Genesis is the best choice for your solar leads, do not hesitate, sign up now and join our many happy customers.